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How Much you're bidding?

If not, you could be over or under-bidding on keywords resulting in your business not showing up when opportunities present themselves or spending an unnecessary amount of Ad dollars on low-quality keywords. 

What your ROI (return on investment) is for every Keyword?

Some serious dough could be left on the table if you don’t know this. You could be bidding on keywords that have nothing to do with your business. This will cause low-quality opportunities resulting in wasted Ad investment dollars.

We can show you exactly what keywords you’re bidding on and increase ROI. Don’t be left in the dark. We can help.

Your Google Quality Score?

Simply put, the lower your Quality Score the more you’ll pay in Ads! We can help fix low scores.

What Phases that you're Bidding On?

This is crucial for any PPC campaign! For example, A company that sells shoes is bidding (spending Ad dollars) on the keyword “shoes” but when someone searches “where not to buy shoes from” or “Terrible shoe company” Their Ad comes upfront and center!

This is an example of not managing negative keywords properly in your Ad campaign. (yes, we’ve actually seen this happen) This is one of many things that could be wrong with your campaign.

Searchers with no intent on buying will click your Ad, wasting your Ad budget. We can prevent this from happening.

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Did you know the last year Google has made 40 billion dollars alone with advertisements from local businesses such as yours?  

Google Advertising can be an effective way to generate new customers if done correctly.  

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Here at Checkmate Leads, we have a proven way to generate more leads to your company While keeping your Ad budget in check.

We have the knowledge that it takes to maximize your Ad spend for a greater ROI

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Better Campaigns, More Leads!

Bid Optimization

Daily bid review and optimization to maximize your ROI

New Keyword Ideas

Finding new keywords to generate more leads into your business.

Ad Time Management

Identifying and calculating the best times for your Ad to run according to historical data.

Negative Keywords

Removal of harmful keywords that don't apply to your business saving you cash!

Landing Page Creation

Create and optimize the perfect landing page to convert clicks into leads.

Competitor Research

We are always watching what your competitors are doing so that you'll always have a leg up on the competition.

Google Analytics

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